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7 Tips On How To Be Compliant During Home Office Visits

Use this e-book to Safeguard your Business and Sponsorship Licence

About this book

Following a brief suspension of Compliance visits due to the pandemic, the Home Office has confirmed that it is starting up again with onsite Compliance inspections. Best Compliance practices are for those who hold a Sponsorship Licence

Every licence holder should be concerned about Immigration Compliance on a daily basis. The Home Office demands that all records of migrant and non-migrant employees be kept current, maintained, and available for inspection at all times.

By taking the following 7 STEPS that are mentioned in this book, your business can approach the Compliance practices in a proactive manner and be fully prepared for the Home Office Compliance Audit both announced or unannounced.

What’s Inside

  • How to remain compliant with the Home Office without feeling stressed

  • Learn the best tactics for remaining UKVI compliant

  • How to reduce the chance that your sponsorship licence will be revoked or how to avoid penalties

  • Have you been training your employees and Key Personnel for the UKVI announced/unannounced visit and does it really matter?

  • How to avoid losing your A-rating standard.